Year 2002

Factories of heroin were demolished and seized heroin were burnt in the presence of Tehsildar Mr. Wisal, Khasadar Force and Mohmand tribesmen. Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai and whole community joined together in a thankful prayer after completing the task successfully.


Year 2004

A Grand Jirga was arranged by former Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai play his role as a leader from tribal area in order to bring peace in the region.


Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai, addressing to the Grand Jirga


Year 2006

Peace Agreement among Different Religious Groups.

In Khyber Agency Pir Saif ur Rehman and Laskhkar e Islam started fighting with each other. Government arranged a Grand Jirga, in order to bring both parties on negotiation table. Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai has facilitated peace negotiations for 3 months and pass a peace declaration in Bagh e Naran Hayatabad Peshawar with gathering of tribesmen. It was a conflict among religious groups which later changed into conflict between Laskar e Islam and Insar al Islam

August 2007

Pakistan & Afghanistan Joint Grand Jirga Kabul

Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai represent Pakistan in the Pakistan & Afghanistan Joint Grand Jirga held in Kabul Afghanistan and played his role in bringing peace to the troubled region.

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Year 2008

Creation of the Peace Committee Haleemzai

Taliban were at their peak, spreading terror in the agency. On popular demand from people the agency and Government a peace committee was created and around 64 Taliban militants surrendered to the Peace Committee. Mr. Amjad Ali was the political agent of the Mohmand agency at that time. Later number of surrendered Taliban reached to 120.

The bases of terrorist were burnt sent a strong message to terrorist.

The Peace Committee also facilitated negotiations among different fighting groups and united them against the Taliban in order to bring peace and curb the menace of terrorism. The whole Haleemzai Mohmand tribe agreed on a written declaration of the Peace Committee.

Page 1 of the Declaration


Page 2 of the Declaration


September 62009

Speech at G.H.Q broadcasted on PTV(Pakistan Television)

Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai delivered a speech against terrorism at G.H.Q at the invitation of Pakistan Army where General Pervez Kiyani was also present. Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai reiterated his commitment to fight against terrorism and to support Pakistan Army against terrorists.

ghq1   ghq2

September 132009

Terrorist Attack at Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai's Home

Terrorists attacked Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai's home as a response to his Speech at G.H.Q with heavy machine guns, hand grenades and bombs were used in the attack but Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai successfully defended the attack.


September 242009

Second Terrorist Attack on Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai

Terrorists attacked Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai for the second time with small and heavy weapons, fighting were intense but Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai successfully defended the attack and Taliban were retreated.

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May 142011

Terrorist Attack at Night

In the middle of the night at 12:10 AM terrorist attacked on Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai with heavy and light weapons, Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai fighters responded well and defended the attack successfully

Later Taliban made an assassination attempt on Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai with I.E.D in the Ghaiba Khwar Sangar, but they(Taliban) failed

July 42011

Terrorist Attak on Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai Car at Ghaiba Khwar

On July 4, 2011 terrorists attacked Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai car. he was with his two guards and his driver in the car. He and his driver were seriously injured in the attack, but God save them. It was fourth attack on him

Taliban threatened Malik Muhammad Ali Haleezai, but he was still living among his brave fighters in the village of Sangar and continued his efforts for peace and stability in the region

Some pictures of Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai's Car after the attack

car1   car2


car3   car4

January 262012

Terrorist attack on Ghaiba Check Post

Ghaiba check post was attacked at night when the check post was under construction, Terrorist made hostage four Levi’s troops. Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai reached to help the Levi, and by grace of Allah his forces defeated Taliban, and Taliban ran away of the check post. Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai and his fighters free the four Levi’s hostages from Taliban.

Malik Muhammad Ali Haleezai carried out search operation in Prang Dara with assistant political agent Mr. Rasol Khan

October 142012

Peace Jirga at Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai's Hujra

Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai arranged a Jirga at his hujra. More than 500 elders, Ulema and tribesmen attended the Jirga. The Jirga condemned Taliban’s attack on Malala Yousafzai in strong words and written down a peace bonding declaration. Leader of every tribe was the signatory of the declaration.

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October 232012

Burning of Terrorist Bases

the bases of the 5 terrorists commanders were burnt down in the area of Chanda by the Peace Committee.

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November 292012

Search Operation at Prang Dara

Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai carried out search operation along with security forces in the Prang Dara. The operation lasted for 18 hours. Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai and security forces search continued till 2 AM

December 12012

Killing of the Member of the Peace Committee

Asad Gul Pabi Khel a member of the Peace Committee was killed at area of Chanda by unknown people in the night.

April 232013

Another Attack on Ghaiba Check Post

At 10:30 PM terrorist attacked Ghaiba check post yet again, yet again Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai was there to defend the check post. Taliban tried but they were defeated by the fighters of Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai

May 22013

Search Operation with Security Forces

Malik Muhammad Ali Haleemzai carried out search operation in Prang Dara with security forces.